San Luis – South Tyrol


San Luis - South Tyrol

Linen on Location

We are very proud to have our linen present in so many places worldwide. In this series, we highlight the most interesting and unique places where you can encounter our linen. In this post, we will cover another marvelous location in Italy: San Luis in South Tyrol.

A hidden gem…

If you are into nature and you want to experience a perfect blend of living luxuriously and being surrounded by green, San Luis in the Italian province of South Tyrol will definitely be the perfect stay for you.

You could actually call it a resort, because it is so much more than just a hotel. Situated in the Italian alps, close to the border with Switzerland and only a few kilometers from Merano, 40 hectares of alpine park (including a lake) are at your disposal. From the central lobby (the “Clubhouse”) to the wooden chalets and treehouses, everything is built to bring its guests closer to nature.

Natural habitat

The materials they use in the accommodations reflect how passionate San Luis is about sustainable development. The lodges are either chalets or tree houses, both entirely made of wood and built in harmony with its surroundings. Warm and natural materials such as wood, glass and clay enrich the interiors in a simple yet stylish manner. A perfect example of how ecological and luxurious lodging go hand in hand. 

This is the kind of habitat our linen thrives in. They used some of our finest quality linen to create these custom linen sheets and curtains. This is what creates a truly authentic experience unique to San Luis.

Luxurious leisure

The leisure activities and surroundings of San Luis will make your stay unforgettable. Each chalet has its private sauna and the guests have access to a wide array of options to relax. A warm jacuzzi and sauna at the lake are at your disposal as well. 

For the foodies among you, there is also much to enjoy at San Luis. The kitchen team fuses traditional South-Tyrolean cuisine with southern Mediterranean flavors. The motto “Back to the Roots” is lived by very literally. They even cook mainly with vegetables they grow on their 4 hectares farm!

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For CHR professionals, Libeco Home provides made-to-measure linen. We can create linen that fits your concept perfectly. It’s a guarantee for a unique stay your customers will remember for a long time. Have a look at our previous post and learn why they chose our linen!

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