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Choosing Table Linen

Linen Tablecloths

Picking a linen tablecloth is more than just choosing the color you like. You need to take some things into account like texture, weave, color and care.

Linen’s unique texture

In comparison to other natural fibers, linen’s unique texture is often the reason to go for a linen tablecloth. But there’s a big variety in the number of slubs and how visible they are. If you are fully embracing the old-fashioned natural look of linen, you will prefer table linen where the slubs are very prominent like our Alabama placemats. If you prefer a cleaner look, you might want to go for an all-time classic like our Napoli Vintage collection or the Polylin.

Vence - vg-47.jpg

Think about the weave…

Linen yarns vary a lot in thickness. The weight per m² can give you a good idea of the thickness of the fabric, which is always shown in the description of our table linen.

A second thing to consider is the weave of a tablecloth. An open weave will result in a sheer linen fabric, while a tight weave produces a more lush, opaque fabric.

Let’s try to make that more clear by giving you some examples:

  • If you are looking for our most light-weight, sheer table linen, you should definitely have a look at our Fjord table linen! The fabric weighs only 90 gr/m² and is guaranteed to give your table a simple but very refined look.
  • If you are in the market for a robust tablecloth to use in many different settings, you can never go wrong with our Napoli Vintage collection.

Then there’s color.

If you are a fan of a classic tablescape, you may want to look at our collections which have a set in optic white or oyster. In that case: there’s plenty of collections to choose from: Frascati, Napoli, Polylin,…

Rather looking for a bright color to brighten up your dinner setting, try Polylin or Polylin Washed for sure but don’t forget to look at our Napoli Vintage or Frascati collection either!

Or maybe you are looking for stripes? Plenty of choices there too: Long Island, Giulia, Falls Gap, Norfolk Banks… have your pick!

Our advice? Try going for a more neutral (white, oyster natural or pastel shades) tablecloth and mix and match with different napkins to create a different look every time! Use different napkin colors for a striking accent or go for one of our sheer napkins with great designs like Feldhaus, Roccapina or West Hinder.

Don’t forget to care!

Finally, it does make sense to stop and think about the linen care. Linen is a natural fabric and requires natural care, but there are some convenient tips we can give you!

  • Try to take your tablecloth out of the washer immediately and dry it flat or on a line. Iron it when almost dry and you’ll have a pristine and clean tablecloth for your next dinner party.
  • When there have been some spills on the linen: be sure to put the tablecloth in a tub with water and some detergent overnight. Wash it the day after and you’ll get back your table linen as new.
  • No fan of ironing? You should try our Polylin or Polylin Washed collection which has an easy-care finish, almost no ironing will be necessary. Or try washed table linen, like our Timmery or Falls Gap collection. Their washed finish celebrates the natural creases and a more casual look, no ironing required!

Napoli Vintage

Napoli Vintage

One of the table linen collections with a long history is Napoli Vintage. The thick and sturdy weave make this collection ideal for a country-oriented interior. Even though the linen fabric tends to be a bit thicker, its touch and feel are rather soft.

Napoli Vintage: table linen with a long history

Napoli_Vintage - NAPOLI-VINTAGE-table-July2016-20-1.jpg
Napoli_Vintage - NapoliVintage_02.jpg
Napoli_Vintage - NAPOLI-VINTAGE-table-July2016-41.jpg
Napoli_Vintage - napt-04.jpg


Frascati: a collection with a royal blessing


If you are into fabrics with a luxurious weave, Frascati will be your cup of tea.  The Frascati collection is one with royal blessings: a linen fabric with a soft touch is linen in its purest form. If you are planning to organize a lot of dinner parties, this collection will definitely be an option!

Frascati - Vence_O_0812.jpg
Frascati - Vence_G9HW8470_CMY.jpg
Frascati - vence-july2013-13-60x90.jpg
Frascati - Frascati-2011-19.jpg



If you are not too fond of ironing linen, you should consider a Polylin or Polylin Washed tablecloth. Polylin is a blend of flexible polyester for easy-care and strong yet soft linen for great natural touch and feel. The main difference between Polylin and Polylin Washed is the finish. A Polylin Washed tablecloth has got a washed finish, which makes its fabric extremely soft and gives the colors a pastel glow.

Polylin: a blend of flexible polyester and natural linen


Timmery: organic from fiber to fabric


Do you appreciate the purity of linen? Our table linen collection Timmery is a great option for you. Available in natural flax, oyster and beeswax brown, the entire collection is 100% organic from fiber to fabric. Ideal for both casual and formal dinner parties.

A linen tablecloth for everyone

As you can see, we have many options you can pick from. A lot depends on the occasion you plan to use the tablecloth for. Don’t forget to take the surroundings into account, as well as your personal preferences. If you’re not sure what to pick, contact our customer service via email, phone or web chat. Our team is at your disposal during our office hours (weekdays from 8am to 5pm CET) to assist you in making your choice.

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