4 reasons why linen is a perfect gift


4 reasons why linen is a perfect gift

Linen Minded



Linen is a sober, yet luxurious fabric. An incredible amount of labor and know-how goes into creating a linen fabric of high quality. The texture of linen is unique because of the irregular nature of its raw material. The inherent thermal capabilities are a tremendous asset in products as bed linen or coverlets.


Linen is extremely strong. Because of its unique texture and exceptional fiber strength, linen truly can last a lifetime. So don’t worry when buying your next bag, table linen or towel, you will be using it for a long time! Also, linen’s unique patina becomes more beautiful over time and the fabric softens further after several washings.


Another particular aspect of linen. Did you know this is one of the most sustainable fibers in the world? There is no waste, every part of the plant is used for a wide range of applications. There is no need for irrigation during growth and flax is entirely biodegradable. Read more on the sustainability of flax.


And finally: our linen is woven in Belgium from European flax. All our linen meets the high standards of the Belgian Linen quality label. Through our expertise of over 160 years, we continue doing what we do best: producing one of the best linen fabrics on the planet!


For him

First stop: a cosmetic bag. This is a bare necessity when you are on the road a lot. The Corse and Rand collection both carry an exquisite bag for those who like to travel in style. It is very spacious and finished with a zipper closure.

Next, we have our Ingersoll bed linen, one of our more masculine collections. It has a sturdy, industrial look with beeswax and bone stripes on a dark brown ground. But don’t let the looks fool you. The fabric has a washed finish and therefore a very soft touch.  Not a big fan of stripes? Try our Santiago bed linen in dark grey, steel or stone!

For her

You’ll instantly fall in love with our Shetland and Propriano collections. Shetland’s linen/wool fabric will bring a warm and cozy atmosphere into your home. Propriano will work throughout the year and has a gorgeous detailed finish in both the blanket and the pillows. An original gift to cherish for a long time!

Or maybe you’re more into a soft bed linen, with light colors? In that case, Santiago or Maora is never a bad choice. Maora combines white and light blue stripes on a flax ground. And because of its soft feel and broad range of colors, the Santiago collection is our most popular bed linen: a gift you can never go wrong with!

A woman can always use an extra bag! Ours are very practical and made of sturdy linen. Suits anyone, comes in handy anywhere ánd they are extremely spacious. Available in three stunning designs: Corse, Louisiana Stripe and Rand.

For both

A carryall always comes in handy. Especially created for storing your favorite book, tablet or e-reader. It’s made of 100% linen and it’s known to be an all-round people pleaser. We guarantee it! Available in Rand, Shetland, Corse and Louisiana Stripe.

Do you like working in the garden or kitchen? Here’s something that will last for ages: our linen Bistro apron. Made from a thick, robust fabric, one of the strongest in our range. Endures any job and protects your clothes.

Last but not least: for those who thought linen could not get any more natural… think again! Our Heritage bed linen is the most sustainable collection we have and probably the most sustainable in the world!

Each fiber of this set is cultivated and crafted with passion. By monitoring our production process vigorously, we can trace back each thread of this product to its origins. A gift of exquisite quality, softness and beauty. Only for the ones you hold very close to your heart.

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