The Great Belgian Towel


The Great Belgian Towel

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Picture of Amy Behn, Designer at Libeco Home, Meulebeke, Belgium

Hi! I’m Amy, design director at Libeco Home. In my designer notes, I would like to take you with me, tell you more about my inspiration and how a collection comes together.

My first idea was to create a beautiful towel for the beach. However, many towels and many years later, it has evolved into lots of other things. A Belgian towel can be what you want it to be.

Simply heaven!

The very first introduction was for summer 2015, when we introduced two colorways – flax and gray.  I knew I wanted something a bit bohemian looking.  Definitely with fringe, not too light and not too heavy. After trying out many different constructions, we came to the right ground cloth.  A good starting point.   From here the real fun started, getting to choose different weave structures (herringbones/basket weaves) and color combinations.  I could design Belgian towels all day, every day, and never tire of it, because there are endless design possibilities – heaven! Moreover, they were a huge hit, and we had to immediately start re-weaving in order to keep delivering.

More than just a towel

As I started using the towels, I quickly realized that this was more than just a beach towel.  At home I started throwing these textile beauties over my furniture, because they changed the look of a room in 2.5 seconds! And everyone who came to my house asked about these new pieces over my furniture- they all wanted them.  Then at the next shoot we used one as a table runner/cloth.  At another shoot the model wore one as a pareo.  We’ve since added a guest towel size and an extra small version that we’ve used as a fingertip towel and a placemat.  So many possibilities.

What is it for you?

In the end, we call it a Belgian towel, but no one should get caught up in the name, use them for whatever strikes your fancy.

How do you use them?

Share your pictures with us, drop us a few lines and share stories on how the Belgian Towel has found a place in your home. Let us know at!

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