The Guest House


The Guest House

Designer Notes

Picture of Amy Behn, Designer at Libeco Home, Meulebeke, Belgium

Hi! I’m Amy, design director at Libeco Home. In my designer notes, I would like to take you with me, tell you more about my inspiration and how this summer collection came together.

Ghent Guest House

Spanish beach house interiors were the inspiration for this new Spring/Summer collection. And I named the collection after the beautiful Gent Guest House where it was photographed. I have lived in a small village 10 minutes from Ghent for nearly 10 years now, and I am crazy about Ghent. It’s a city full of young, talented people, and they aren’t afraid to try new things, which brings so much life to the city. It’s also becoming a foodie city in a big way, with great restaurant concepts and great food! And there is one great coffee shop after the next. So, when we found The Atelier Turquoise Guesthouse, which was an ideal location for the collection, I was thrilled to shoot in Ghent! The Guesthouse also has a fantastic story, with a very talented team – very inspiring! You can read more about them here.


By now, everyone knows that simplicity is my thing. This season the colors, the designs, and the products are all about simplicity. For me, the interiors of southern Spain are a great lesson in simplicity and were my inspiration for this season. After a trip to Tarifa a few years ago, I knew this collection would come, it was a question of when. Now that it’s done, I completely see it in a beach house on the southern coast of Spain. It’s a collection that’s really easy to live with, and one that will work with many other ‘linen colors’ as well. Here it’s shown in a very white location, but it would be very beautiful in an interior with a lot of wood. I also see it with gold/ wheat tones as well. There are certainly plenty of possibilities.


There are many stripes to fall in love with this summer, both horizontal and vertical, which I love mixing and matching. There are irregular, and regular stripes, small and large stripes and they all work beautifully together. For example, the Guest House striped duvet, with the Charlotte or Camille throw over the top is a mix of lots of different stripes, yet fantastic! There is also a great new Belgian towel, The Gent Stripe, which has both bold stripe details and a fancy railroad stripe, which is a lovely detail.

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