Goodbye Bonifacio!


Goodbye Bonifacio!

Designer Notes

Picture of Amy Behn, Designer at Libeco Home, Meulebeke, Belgium

Hi! I’m Amy, design director at Libeco Home. In my designer notes, I would like to take you with me, tell you more about my inspiration and how a collection comes together.

The ‘Isle of Beauty’

I was going to say that this summer collection, ‘Goodbye Bonifacio’ is one close to my heart – but that sounded a bit silly, because, in fact, all of my collections are close to my heart.   However, Corsica is a place that my family and I love. We have spent many summer vacations there, enjoying the water by day and the food by night.  It’s a place of exceptional beauty, incredible nature, breathtaking beaches and never ending color inspiration.  The most inspiring part of the island for me, is the simplicity: there’s no glitz and glitter. Linen works everywhere, I’m totally in my element.  I love the rugged, wild landscape and more than anything the beaches and the water.

2017-01_Goodbye_Bonifacio - DN20_Corsica_02-Large.jpg
Image of Northern Corsica

Clear from the start

The soft, washed out colors found on the building façades in Corsica – faded gray-blue, washed out beige, watered-down red & green –  are true linen colors to me. The coloration of this  summer collection was thus never a question in my mind, it was clear from the very start. Beach houses built in stone with washed out blue-gray shutters in Porto-Vecchio sparked this idea. I could see this collection filling up a Corsican house before I ever put pencil to paper.

Pure fun

This was a fun summer collection to design, a great one to photograph and so beautiful in print.  You can mix and match every single piece in this collection, When every single piece in a collection can be mixed and matched, it’s always a lot of fun to work with. This one was a blast.  I’ve also heard so many great comments from customers about how much they love the collection – so inspiring!

Unfortunately, I’m a few collections down the road already, I left Bonifacio a long time ago, but the new inspiration is hanging on the wall behind me as I sit writing this- and it’s lovely.

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